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The refractory plates, also known as pyroplakes, used mainly inside furnace and energy fireplaces. Their size makes it easy for manufacturers and their composition entail greater heat output than the common cast.

The fireplaces often consist of either low-quality firebricks or pyroplakes or even without such hardware. Therefore, the potential efficiency reduced drastically. The pyroplakes of Refractory Roka allow easy construction and aesthetic correction of such omissions.

The low temperature strength depends on both the texture and colour.

In detail, the Roka pyroplakes Refractory:

  1. Is ecological products and are produced exclusively from natural raw materials.
  2. Antanaklane instant 75% more temperature in relation to the common cast.
  3. They are produced in various shapes, colors and sizes.
  4. Withstand temperatures up to 1250 ° c, while the cast is limited to 912 ° c.
  5. Easily maintained.
  6. Add aesthetic value
  7. Have less weight and involve less Thermosysswreysi.
  8. Show greater resistance to thermal changes.
  9. Ability to have grip used in the manufacture of traditional fireplaces.
  10. Is Greek certified products.


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